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Hello, old friends of PartnerBeads:

Welcome to the new version of

We built new website to enable to use new web programs , the old site program has been used for more than 10 years, Microsoft has stopped updating it ( ASP program), which makes us have to change to the new site. 

In new version, old account can not be used, so you need to register a new account, the new site is very powerful, such as can add more than one shipping address, so please be patient to fill in the registration, thank you

When registering, there will be a place where you can fill in the email you used on the old version, we recommend that customers always use only one email, so that we can match your new account with your old account, thus restoring your customer level, as well as your credit.

Take a closer look at some of the instructions at the bottom of the new page,  although they are not very impressive, they still need to look at it before placing an order, especially:

NEW Customers level & Discount Policy

You can easily calculate your discount 

Old version New Level  MIN Growth MAX Growth  Discount
New buyers Member 0 100 0%
VIP VIP 1 100 500 3%
VIP level 2 VIP 2 500 1,000 6%
VIP level 3 VIP 3 1,000 5,000 9%
Super Partners VIP 4 5,000 10,000 12%
Strategic Partners VIP 5 10,000 30,000 15%
Gold Level 1 VIP 6 30,000 50,000 18%
Gold Level 2 VIP 7 50,000 100,000 21%
Gold Level 3 VVVIP 8 100,000 999,999 24%
Note: 1 Usd Payment = 1 Growth

Shipping Methods

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<< Please look before ordering

>> 3% - 12% discount for Big Orders

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