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How to order Moissanite Jewelry

1.Please seize the historical opportunity, Charles & Colvard Lab-grown moissanite patents expired in August 2015 for the United States, 2016 in most other countries. 2018 year the U.S. market began to distribute many different brands of Moissanite Jewelry, but until 2019, Moissanite began mass production in China, Moissanite diamond jewelry market only to get explosive growth.  This is just a beginning, the market will continue to expand because of Moissanite will used in more and more jewelry styles, and now, is a good time to start a new brand or new product line.
2. How to get started
If you do not know about Moissanite Diamond, or you are first purchase,  please go straight to our website,
buy stock goods to check (every Moissanite will have a GRA certificate). After receiving the goods, you can test the quality of our S925 sterling silver and moissanite diamonds, can be sent to the jewelry identification agency for testing. You can wear it yourself to discover its beauty, so that the diamond products that you lock in in the safe are no longer useful. 
3. Retail or exhibit
When you have confidence in our Moissanite products, you could make an introduction to Moissanite Diamond on your website or post an introduction to Moissanite Diamond in your store to introduce Moissanite Diamond to more people. Take a video on "Youtube", or "Tiktok", or "Flurry" or something like that will be very good.
You can purchase the whole series “1 carat moissanite product” on our website, including rings, necklaces, earring, which can be used as samples on your show or directly retail to your customers.
We will provide you with a full set of pictures, videos of products if you need.
Please note: ,we are re-stock every week and all styles on websites could arrive in the United States to you within a week. You could place order even the type’s  stock quantity is not enough.
4. Buy in larger quantities
After a period of sales, you can leave a message on website after login
or email to our customer service

get the EXCEL list of all Moissanite diamond products, we are not show all products on website. This list includes most of the product, quotes price for different carats (0.5 carat - 3 carat) moissanite products, and you can make your order form on the basis of this form. For orders with more than 10pcs/styles, you will get a 5% discount, on orders for more than 50pcs per style, and you will get a 10% discount. For most products, we can deliver in 2 weeks.

(Attached List Sample in the end)

5. Create your own brand
We are supporting customers to create their own brand and provide the brand name with laser engraved on the product, the number of words within 8 letters, orders in 50pcs / type can be free of engraving fees, otherwise to charge 0.5 USD /pc engrave fee.
We also provide brand boxes and bags base on your brand.
If you provide design pictures or finished products photos, we can make new style products for you, and only sale by you. design new products need about 20-30 days to produce.
Customers with strong channel development capabilities can also discuss exclusive distribution in the United States with us.
6.  Stage of development

At present, Moissanite diamond products are still relatively few styles, the shape is also only round, color is only clear color, metal is only  Sterling silver. This is because we are just starting this market. We will have more and more styles in the future. Wish all of our customers could join this opportunity market with us. 

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