Good News, we are back work today safely

Today (15th Feb), we have come back to work, thank you all friends for your patience, we will ship as soon as possible

About the coronavirus condition.
At present, the number of new patients in China has dropped for 10 days, and the rate of serious illness and mortality caused by the virus has dropped to less than 1%. There has been a significant increase in the number of people recovering from hospital discharges.
Drugs imported from the United States and chinese medics have achieved good results and are currently being  blind tested and are expected to be rolled out soon.

The recovering people's plasma has been shown to be injected into other patients, and the viral antibodies in the plasma play a very important role in killing the virus.
So according to the above situation, this new coronavirus attack will soon be under control.

And Yiwu Market will open in 18th Feb

Again, thank you for the patience of all our customers, we will do our best to ship.

<< Success belongs to the persevering! Fighting Coronavirus!

>> Delay work to February 15, 2020

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