Face Masks and Jewelry MOQ increase to be 10 pcs/type

Dear Customers:

According to the advice of many wholesale customers, we will gradually increase the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of products. As follows:

Stock products.

1. Face Masks:  MOQ = 10 pcs.

2. Jewelry:  MOQ = 10 pcs

3. When the inventory quantity is less than 10pcs, please still place 10 pcs orders, The warehouse will prepare and modify the order quantity based on actual inventory.


Customization (No inventory)

4. Mask custom style (Item Code begin with DS series) MOQ is 100pcs.

5. Snaps print customized (Item code begin with C7 series) MOQ is 100pcs.


Increase the MOQ will exclude many retails situation, better protect our wholesale customers, wish all our customers can understand and support. 

By the way, we recommend our custom service for printed face masks:

You can send us pictures for about 2000X2000 pixels, only need to customize 100pcs, we can print the mask products you need, no one will knows your local people’s needs better than you, 7 days to print production within about 10 days to arrive.

Printable content includes:

Your statement words, your belief, your social organization logo, super star, cartoon characters, flags, your art paintings, your favorite artists Landscape pictures, tourist souvenirs and many more.


Sincerely thank your dear customers.

We hope you are safe and happy.

PartnerBeads Team


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