About Super Deals and Gifts

About Super Deal and Gifts:

We regularly come up with some products for super discount sales, and also take out some of the products as gifts to our customers. Please decide the quantity according to your ability to sell, we suggest that each type only take a few, and do not take too much because of cheap, after all, the freight is still very expensive, it's also a lost if you can not sell it out.

Don't forget to look Super Deal when you're ready to finish placing an order,

If you find something there you can sell, it's going to be a big profit.

Most types of promotions will only exist for a week, and after one week, even if not all sales, we will not continue the promotion, the next promotion will be other styles. So when you see the style you can sell, don't hesitate to seize the opportunity, otherwise the time has passed, there is no chance to choose this style.

For Super Deal and Gifts, only quantities in stock can be ordered, cannot exceed the quantity in stock

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