About New Site version in July, 2019

Dear Customer:

We are going to use new website version before July 1, 2019.
Website still : 
Email :


1. You still could visit old version by: 
           ( keep working )

2. The new products will only be updated on the new website version after July 1.

3. The discount method of the new website is changed

Discount on the total value of the purchase value, and some prices are cheaper.

4. Old customer could enjoy their old discount level after we adjust their level

All balances are also moved from the old site to the new account on the new site.

(may take 1 day after you register)

5. Overall, the new version is more powerful and the price  is cheaper than the old one after discount.

6.Notice point in your account

Learn more about discount policy: (Please read before placing orders)

7. Select snaps by colors or  types' keyword,  please look at the bottom left of the home page,  you can click the keywords to see, or you could  copy and paste the keywords into the search box to search.

8. About Super Deal and Gifts:

We regularly come up with some products for super discount sales, and also take out some of the products as gifts to our customers. Please decide the quantity according to your ability to sell, we suggest that each type only take a few, and do not take too much because of cheap, after all, the freight is still very expensive, it's also a lost if you can not sell it out.

Don't forget to go to SuperDeal to see if you're ready to finish placing an order and find out you can sell it, it's going to be a big profit.

Thank you so much !

Wish your business better and better !

PartnerBeads Team

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