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Silver up; USD down = result price increase
Release time: 11 / 11 / 2010 Clicks: 1649
We regret to inform that all product prices will rise. The main reason based on the price of silver in just 3 months time rose more than 30%, while the dollar and the RMB exchange rate fell by more than 20%.
All of our products with a high degree of 925 silver material, the impact is unprecedented. In the past two months, we continue to compress the company's own profits in order to maintain price stability, and hope that this difficult situation to change in a short time. But after 2 months insistence, we found that this trend will be long term. Therefore, we have to increase the price accordingly to adapt to market changes.
We once again declare that we will continue to maintain high standards of quality assurance 925 silver. The prices are only restricted to offset the rising price of silver and exchange rate fluctuations.
Here, we also remind all customers to be carefull that some bad providers will reduce the silver content when silver price increase.
Please look for our website WWW.PARTNERBEADS.COM. We will continue to maintain our good service and quality of the goods.
The price adjustment is based on the 2010-11-11 date specified in the price of silver and exchange rates. If the price of silver continued to increase, and dollar continued to fall, there may once again price adjustment.
Thank you for your understanding
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